How many SWWAN moms


The numbers hurt. Got these amazing statistics on single parents from a story in an Iowa newspaper (from an Alabama news source) about a young widowed single mom:

“According to the 2000 Census, 12 million people were single parents. From 1970-2000, the number of single mothers increased from 3 million to 10 million, while the number of single fathers increased from 393,000 to 2 million. The number of children under 18 living with single parents went from 11.9 percent in 1970 to 26.7 percent in 2000. Of those, 22.4 percent lived with their mothers.

Now you know those numbers are even higher in 2006, and seemingly continuing to go up for the foreseeable future.

Is this the perfect time for SWWAN? Yep, a SWWAN caring for her little ones without a mate works extra hard, no doubt about it, and we’re here to help make life a little easier in as many ways as we can. We’re working on our discounts and extra services programs–starting with Chicago and moving out to the world.

If you have a little one, here’s a simple online story about baby swans (the bird kind). It comes with questions to spark your child’s curiosity. Enjoy.

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