Single working women buying cars


Ever been to a car dealership where they pretty much ignored you when you walked in? That’s one of the things we’re working on changing with SWWAN. We’re looking for car dealers whose executives–yes, the salesperson and the general manager, but also the leader of the company–are willing to get behind the idea that women who come in alone to buy a car deserve the very best treatment.

Do you guys (I usually use that term to mean anybody, but the fact is most car dealership owners are men) know how women talk to each other? And maybe her husband doesn’t want to hear about how his wife was treated when she went in there alone, but the single woman who’s talking to her single friends is sure going to tell them when she has a bad experience. And we single women listen to each other because we know that we’re all pretty perceptive about when we’re being given the business.

So send us your stories about your experiences–good or bad–buying a car here.

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