Scholarships for single moms!


It may seem like an impossible dream – to get a degree while raising your kids solo. I was blessed to have found Capital University back when I was trying to finish my degree as a single working mom. At least they only required me to show up in class once in two weeks and allowed me to create portfolios for course content that I’d already learned in my life and business career. They also, bless their hearts, allowed me to use coursework taken many, many years before towards my credits.

But now there’s even a better way for single moms to go back to college. is partnering with several online universities for “Project Working Mom” – offering $2 million in full-ride scholarships. Options for majors can be anything from English lit to business and classes are online.

August 30 is the deadline for applications, so if you’ve been dreaming of getting that degree, log on and sign up.

Meanwhile, I think we ought to think of a new way to evaluate people’s learning. Some of the very smartest people I know never got degrees. Gotta be a way. Suggestions, anyone?

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