Polar bears in trouble – lessons for single working women


Saw a TV special the other evening. ‘Face to face with the polar bear.’ Global warming is causing increasing difficulties for these magnificent bears. The story focused on watching a pair of cubs grow up into adults. It talked about how the ice is melting sooner, thus eliminating big sections of the frozen areas and cutting short the time for polar bears to hunt.

The male cub had learned how to hunt effectively and was able to feed himself. But unlike her brother, the female cub didn’t get very good at the required hunting skills. The early breakdown of the ice surfaces meant she had less time to get enough food to survive the long months when the bears don’t have easy access to seals, their main food.

When this beautiful female bear came out of the water, she looked like a walking skeleton with fur. It was so sad. It made me think about the hunting grounds of the human economy these days. Companies are dying; opportunities are fewer and harder to find; competition is intense. Effective hunting skills are essential for survival.

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