Single Working Women's Week a reason to congratulate yourself


Yep, we’re just finishing up the second annual celebration of the week designated just for single working women. If you didn’t do something nice for yourself this past week, why not extend the holiday–as many of us do by stretching our birthday celebrations out for weeks–and do something wonderful today? And if you have some single working women friends, call them up and remind them to be good to themselves today. Do something nice for each other!

SWWAN is proud to be a voice for the new single woman of the today. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those women. You use your strength and your passions to create a life you find rewarding. You may be an older woman taking care of an elderly parent while still holding down a full-time job. You may be a successful entrepreneur who still finds time to volunteer for a worthy cause. You may be an independent woman who struggles to make financial ends meet but doesn’t mind too much because she’s doing what she loves.

You may be a person with a wide circle of good friends, or someone who likes her own company best–some of us are both. You may have a child herself or may volunteer to help children. You may have a pet or not. You finds creative ways to get the touch and the sense of connection every human being needs.

We are excited about our next SWWAN Dive show. I’ll be interviewing Dr. Kay Trimberger, author of The New Single Woman. She’ll share insights gained while following the creative lives of the single women profiled in her book. I especially look forward to sharing what she says about how single women can support each other during illness and when growing older. Tune in to “The New Single Woman–Uncensored” on August 15 at 11:00 am Central. We’ll try to make time for questions so you can call in if you like.

To all our fellow Single Working Women, seize the day and enjoy!

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