Want to star on TV? Opportunity for New York and LA single women


Oh, how funny. Got an email from a casting director for a new TV show about dating. They say they’re going to give away a great trip, place to stay, etc. in another city–and I guess film your adventures. Here’s what it says:


Are you a woman age 25 to 40 who is successful in every aspect of life except one…finding LOVE? You’re climbing your way up the corporate ladder, have your own boutique business, or manage a hip new start-up company. You play as hard as you work…from the health club to the nightclubs. You’re cute, sexy; maybe even drop dead gorgeous! Yep, you’ve got it all…everything except the RIGHT GUY to share it with.

The men in your life are everywhere. There’s that successful co-worker that’s off limits, your brother’s gorgeous friend who looks at you as if you’re his little sister, and the guy at the gym that’s just not your type. In fact, they surround you…but for whatever reason none of the guys in your very crowded pond are your MR.RIGHT.

You haven’t given up hope that he is out there…somewhere…waiting…maybe even looking for you! If you could only get out of here and go somewhere…anywhere, you know deep in your heart that a new place filled with new people could change everything.

If you believe there is love out there for you, now is the time to throw caution to the wind. A romantic holiday completely planned and organized just for you. We provide the NEW CITY, the NEW DIGS, the NEW GUYS… even the plane ticket. You just have to believe in love…and get on board!

If you want to apply or you want to nominate someone, they want women who live in New York or Los Angeles. To apply or nominate a deserving woman, please submit name, age, occupation, city/ST, and a recent photo to rrcasting@gmail.com.

We don’t normally talk about dating or finding love–there are already plenty of resources out there to help with that. But what the heck, eh? This is a chance to be “discovered” and who knows where that might lead?

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