Know someone who’s survived a disaster?

Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross

Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross Image via Wikipedia

We’re looking for someone who’s survived a disaster and who was helped, either directly or indirectly, by the efforts of the Red Cross disaster relief services. It would be nice if the person now lives in the Chicago area, but s/he can really be from anywhere.

Am hoping members of SWWAN can reach out to their connections to help find someone. Heaven knows there’ve been enough tornadoes, floods and earthquakes in our world these recent days.

This year to celebrate Single Working Women’s Week we’re co-sponsoring a fundraiser to raise $5000-plus to help the victims of natural disasters all over the US and elsewhere. Plus it’s going to be a fun prize-winning party to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of SWWAN and Single Working Women’s Week. So please let me know if you or one of your connections might know someone who’s been helped. Perhaps someone left homeless after Katrina or a tornado or other disaster.

Thanks in advance for your help! Either reply by comment here or email us.

And the American Red Cross is a particularly good group for SWWAN to support for another reason–founder Clara Barton was the quintessential model of a passionate, talented and dedicated single working woman. Get this:

“Due to her efforts, the United States signed the Geneva Agreement in 1882. In addition, the American Red Cross organization was formed in 1881, and Barton served as its first president. Several years later, she wrote the American amendment to the Red Cross constitution, which provided for disaster relief during peace time as well as war.” Read more about Clara Barton here.

It’s been a long, tough winter–several health challenges have taken up a lot of time and energy. I’m happy to say I’m finally feeling better. Hope you all weathered the winter and the don’t-blink-or-you-missed-it spring and are ready to enjoy a beautiful summer wherever you are.

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