Earth Hour – and WOW, what an idea for a business


Did you turn off your lights last night from 8 to 9 in support of the million-strong Earth-Hour movement to make a statement about global warming? Well, even if you didn’t, if you understand that we humans have the power to make change where it’s needed–to stop consuming so much of our earth’s resources as to leave it ravaged for our great-grandchildren–you can still get involved by changing small things in your daily rituals.

Surprisingly, studies show that leaving electrical appliances (chargers, etc.) plugged in when they’re not in use can increase your energy use by up to 10%!! So that’s an easy one–well, for some of us it might take a bit of thought to realize all the things I do leave plugged in…

And meanwhile, what do you think about the idea of having a business where your role is to provide “art vacations”? To go along with a bunch of interested single women and give them art instruction in places like the North Atlantic seacoast and Galway, Ireland, or in and around a restored monastery in Umbria, Italy? I love this idea that Nina Weiss has developed! You can find out more by visiting her art vacations website and downloading a catalog.