Chicago real estate and single women

Lincoln Park during the winter.
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Hate the heat. So I thought I’d show you Lincoln Park in the snow.

Growing pains—well, changing pains.  I’m happily settled in my new digs in the busy Lakeview area of Chicago, learning even more about why people love this city.

My condo in Logan Square is on the market. I bought it from a single woman. I owned it as a single woman. And there are two other single-woman-owned units in our beautifully rehabbed building. Chicago—as is the case with most large cities—is a great place to be a single woman. So many job opportunities. So many things to do and places to go and people to meet. Full of adventure, yet not overwhelming. I’ve met and made friends with more single women in the few years since I returned to Chicago than I did in my 33 years in Cleveland.

My granddaughter (she was 3 in July) and I are spending more time together lately while her single-mom Perri is busy working for her real estate customers. How’s the market in your neck of the woods? Perri says it’s still pretty slow in Chicago, except for some precisely circumscribed areas known as “the” hot areas of the city—Lincoln Park and Bucktown being two of them. But even a block or more outside the boundaries of those neighborhoods, she says, sales are still slow.

For more tips about the market, single-mom ideas, fun stuff to do, and ways to make your home more beautiful, subscribe to Perri’s blog, ChicagoLifeandStyleBlog.

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Ohio Secretary of State commends SWWAN in sweltering heat


It was an honor for SWWAN to receive an official commendation from Ohio’s Secretary of State. The heat and humidity were intense at our Cleveland celebration of the first annual Single Working Women’s Week. After tornado-force winds and torrential rains beat the city into a flooded mess, Jennifer Brunner came to tell brave attendees why she supports SWWAN (more in previous post).

The commendation says in part: “…as a small token of gratitude and admiration for the exemplary work of SWWAN…[leaders of which] have invested their time and resources in providing leadership, motivation and genuine support…[to enhance] the lives of countless single women in the workforce.”

We are humbled and grateful for this gracious gesture. The members of SWWAN thank you, Jennifer, and thank you, Ohio. It was a beautiful occasion, despite the building’s power failure. The food from Davis Bakery was outstanding and a good, if somewhat sweaty, time was had by all.