Fun at Single Working Women's Week holiday kickoff event in Chicago


Perfect time to remind single working women that the Single Working Women’s Week holiday is an official annual occasion for you to buy yourself that piece of special jewelry you’ve been dreaming about all year!

During the holiday kickoff celebration in Chicago this year (the holiday is on ALL THIS WEEK, ladies–you’ve still got plenty of time!), Rebecca Gutermuth, owner of Radiance Fine Jewelry and designer of the beautiful solid silver SWWAN pendant, talked with single working woman Tara about buying jewelry that compliments your style.

  • Stop by and visit Rebecca soon. Her store offers 25% off fine jewelry repairs all year long to SWWAN members.
  • Want to use a mechanic you can trust? Go and see Luis Avila at SWWAN vendor Andre’s Automotive Service. He offers SWWAN members a FREE 30-point inspection to help you keep your car in good shape.
  • Hate taking time to get to the cleaners? Use SWWAN vendor Drive Cleaning‘s free home pickup and delivery service. SWWAN members get 20% off their first order.

We’re looking for nominations of your favorite vendors. Places that treat women customers well–even when they come in alone! Send us your favorite restaurants, mechanics, hair salons, coffee shops, whatever. We’ll talk with them and negotiate a discount or other offer exclusively for SWWAN members.

Happy Single Working Women’s Week! Do something wonderful for a single friend.