A historic new day – change from the heart


Congratulations to America on its new president-elect, Barack Obama, and the historic choice of the first president with African American blood. The early victory looks a lot like a mandate from the people for change. Now let us pray that our new leader will be up to the tasks ahead. I wish his acceptance speech had better reflected the climactic energy and hope that brought about his election. But he will undoubtedly grow there, too, as he settles into his role as a world leader.

Read an interesting commentary in Cat Thompson’s winter newsletter, written before the election took place. She talks about how our minds seem to have separated–through our Republican and Democratic divide–personal responsibility from social responsibility. She reminds us, along with other soulful musings, that we really are enough:

We are designed as humans to manifest exactly what we need when we need it. We have forgotten that we have this power, because we have been brainwashed into thinking we are supposed to have more than we need. This is a relatively new idea – less than a hundred years old – yet one we violently defend. What if it’s time to let go of that idea? What if we embraced the thought that we could always manifest what we needed when we needed it?

In this prolonged period of fear and economic uncertainty in our country, such an empowering thought is balm to the spirit. And the 60% of 93 million single Americans who supported Obama (according to a pre-election Gallup poll) are the leading edge–along with millions of young people–in the wave of independence and courage and trust that empowerment brings with it. Single working women have been taking care of themselves for generations. And on this new day, we can again affirm deep in our hearts that we are truly enough. Your vote made a difference in this election. Your passion and creativity are making a difference in the world.

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