Neither singles nor children should be the losers


Read this today about men versus women at work and the role of children in reducing productivity. And should fathers who put more hours in because they don’t ever have to take care of their children get promoted over women who do? Have to comment.

Children can indeed be distracting at work. But the welfare of America depends on the good care of future generations. Comparing watching a football game with make sure a child is safe and protected simply doesn’t make sense. Having said that, though, there’s no reason why men shouldn’t be able to bring their children to work as much as women. Why differentiate? A good questions is, how many men would be willing to risk what they might consider “damage” to their male image by showing up at work with a kid?

With 51% of women today being single–many of them single mothers who may not have any extra help at home–it’s crazy not to think of ways to help all people with children be as fully productive as possible. By the same logic, single people should not be expected to carry extra burdens at work. Yet they may need time off to care for a friend or relative and not be able to get it. That’s not right either.

It’s about valuing each individual and helping each other, not fighting over–to coin a phrase from When Harry Met Sally–“this is yours; that’s mine.” There’s a ton of room for improvement in our society’s attitudes about family policy.

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