Single Working Women's Week a reason to congratulate yourself

Yep, we’re just finishing up the second annual celebration of the week designated just for single working women. If you didn’t do something nice for yourself this past week, why not extend the holiday–as many of us do by stretching our birthday celebrations out for weeks–and do something wonderful today? And if you have some single working women friends, call them up and remind them to be good to themselves today. Do something nice for each other!

SWWAN is proud to be a voice for the new single woman of the today. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those women. You use your strength and your passions to create a life you find rewarding. You may be an older woman taking care of an elderly parent while still holding down a full-time job. You may be a successful entrepreneur who still finds time to volunteer for a worthy cause. You may be an independent woman who struggles to make financial ends meet but doesn’t mind too much because she’s doing what she loves.

You may be a person with a wide circle of good friends, or someone who likes her own company best–some of us are both. You may have a child herself or may volunteer to help children. You may have a pet or not. You finds creative ways to get the touch and the sense of connection every human being needs.

We are excited about our next SWWAN Dive show. I’ll be interviewing Dr. Kay Trimberger, author of The New Single Woman. She’ll share insights gained while following the creative lives of the single women profiled in her book. I especially look forward to sharing what she says about how single women can support each other during illness and when growing older. Tune in to “The New Single Woman–Uncensored” on August 15 at 11:00 am Central. We’ll try to make time for questions so you can call in if you like.

To all our fellow Single Working Women, seize the day and enjoy!

Single Working Women's Week is on NOW!

SWWANs Stephanie and Melissa talk about how much fun it is to have a holiday just for single women.

Stop by and take our survey–get a free gift. We’re introducing our vendor network for SWWANs to get discounts and special services.

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more tomorrow!

Does a "bad" woman make a story exciting? I bet she's single!

Good movies always seem to have some conflict between “the good” and “the bad.” I’d love to do a survey sometime to see what percentage of the time the villain in a non-action film (where we expect the bad guy to be male because only another man can pose a worthwhile challenge to the male hero) is a female–and particularly a single female–versus a male. Do we find it easier to hate women?

Think about “Basic Instinct.” I’d never seen that whole movie before until the other night. And now I see how this single woman is portrayed as a spider, a trapper–without ethics, morals or a heart. Seems like another male fantasy movie–the incredibly attractive, sexy female that draws men like flies is finally unveiled as evil. Hmmmm. We’ve been blaming the female for stuff since at least biblical times. Dr. Karen Lewis mentions the history of how females are assigned to care for all relationships in her great SWWAN Dive interview.

And then there is the Bridget Jones’s Diary story. This poor single woman is desperate about being alone and is constantly worrying about how to change herself to catch a man. Then she sleeps with the guy who is a total user. She’s not evil, but she’s pathetic and personally weak and unempowered. If it weren’t for the wonderful poignant humor, this would be a totally depressing film.

This weekend is the opening of Single Working Women’s Week–our international celebration of all single working women. We’re in Chicago for this and will have available at our event, at a SWWAN-member discount, Dr. Lewis’s fascinating book, With or Without a Man, and her workbook of the same name. If you’re in town, stop by and see us at Radiance Fine Jewelry, 2139 N. Damen. 11 – 4 on Saturday and 12 to 5 on Sunday.

Thanks: A story of omission

It only makes sense to thank the people who help you. And the list of those in my life who’ve helped me is long and stretches many decades back.

It so happens that recently I failed to give due recognition to some people who have helped SWWAN a lot. At the celebrations of Single Working Women’s Week a couple of weeks ago I didn’t mention the advisory board members who have supported our efforts to get this holiday into gear. These generous people are listed and profiled on our website here. Cristina Andersson, Billa Bhandari, George Carpenter, Beatrice Davis, Monica Davis, Perrine Knight, Kathy O’Leary, Frances Richards, and Mike Miller have shown their support and given help and encouragement in a myriad of ways. Thank you all for believing in the mission and vision of SWWAN. And Mary Cilia, fellow NAWBO member and president of MEC Systems, was a great support when SWWAN was in its infancy–thanks, Mary.

And it so happens that I had an opportunity to thank one of these very important people in person at our Chicago event–and I screwed it up. So Beatrice Davis, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind and generous support. Without your encouragement, Single Working Women’s Week might never have happened. You were there when the chips were down and the to-do list looked hopelessly unachievable. Without your sharing of your professional expertise and the great people you know, our event would not have been as successful as it was. Thank you for even getting your client Geir Ness to donate samples of his delightful perfumes from Norway, Laila. Belatedly, on behalf of me personally and of single working women everywhere, thank you.

Please visit Beatrice’s cool online magazine, No Strings Attached ENews, and prepare to be entertained!

Beautiful people – beautiful celebration – beautiful holiday – and thank yous

I finally got the link to the photos from our lovely celebration in Chicago of Single Working Women’s Week.

And thanks again to our wonderful speaker, Sharan Tash, for generously practicing what she preaches–give without thought of return.

Sharan Tash inspires guests at the Chicago celebration of the first annual Single Working Women's Week

And see the beautiful lady on the right in the pink dress? That’s Beatrice Davis, publisher of the quirky online entertainment magazine No Strings Attached ENews, and a wonderful woman without whose generous sharing of her expertise and her connections and her support this celebration would never have come about. Thank you, Beatrice. Your generous spirit reaches out across the miles to make a difference for people all over the world. SWWAN is blessed to have you as an advisory board member.

And thank you, Dave Lade, for these lovely, professional photos. Readers, check ’em out and if you need some great pictures yourself, contact Dave at 312-946-0301. He’s at your service.

Ohio Secretary of State commends SWWAN in sweltering heat

It was an honor for SWWAN to receive an official commendation from Ohio’s Secretary of State. The heat and humidity were intense at our Cleveland celebration of the first annual Single Working Women’s Week. After tornado-force winds and torrential rains beat the city into a flooded mess, Jennifer Brunner came to tell brave attendees why she supports SWWAN (more in previous post).

The commendation says in part: “…as a small token of gratitude and admiration for the exemplary work of SWWAN…[leaders of which] have invested their time and resources in providing leadership, motivation and genuine support…[to enhance] the lives of countless single women in the workforce.”

We are humbled and grateful for this gracious gesture. The members of SWWAN thank you, Jennifer, and thank you, Ohio. It was a beautiful occasion, despite the building’s power failure. The food from Davis Bakery was outstanding and a good, if somewhat sweaty, time was had by all.

Fun at Single Working Women's Week in Cleveland

Smiling faces at Famicos Notre Dame Apts–just before Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner shared her straight-from-life story about helping a loved one through a very difficult time of single motherhood. Secretary Brunner spoke, too, about her commitment to making Ohio a better place to live for more of its citizens–she will start by measuring the social health index of the state. More later about the Secretary’s four goals.

Thank you to all who joined us to make the first annual Cleveland celebration of our official holiday a memorable occasion! Special thanks to Chris King of Creative Keys and Tina Hamrick, NAWBO Cleveland president-elect and partner in SJKBeringer Group…and especially to Secretary Brunner. Your commitment to our event and the wonderful citation you presented to SWWAN will help fuel our efforts over the year to come.

Single women: reach out and give without asking back

Give with your whole heart. Don’t ask for a return. Connect with each other–for business, for all the things we need in life.

That’s what celebrants at last night’s opening event heard from keynote speaker Sharan Tash, owner of The ProNetworker, Inc., NAWBO Chicago director, NSA speaker, and creator of the “pay-it-forward, boomerang networking” concept. Sharan told of how giving from the heart without thought of return always comes back to you tenfold.

As a shining example of practice-what-you-preach, Sharan, SWWAN thanks you for inspiring attendees at this celebration of the first annual Single Working Women’s Week holiday.

Hostess Monica Davis praised single women and single mothers for all they contribute. Thanks to all those who shared in this delightful evening, including sponsors Lynfred Winery and National City Bank. Special thanks to Rebecca Gutermuth, designer of the beautiful SWWAN jewelry line, who hosted the party at her lovely store, Radiance Fine Jewelry.

And special thanks to columnist and authoress Jacquee Thomas whose contributions made the event extra special. Passionate speaking, wine, food, violins, and sharing. It was a beautiful event. For a copy of the event’s program, click here. Photos will be posted as soon as we can get them up!

If you live in Cleveland, please join us for our Cleveland SWWAN party TOMORROW!

DWC invites you to celebrate Single Working Women's Week

One of our favorite partners, the Downtown Women’s Club, DWC, and with chapters in a whole bunch of U.S. cities, has given a nod on its Chicago chapter site to our special holiday, Single Working Women’s Week.

Diane Danielson, founder of DWC, was one of the first guests on our Swwan Dive radio show. Check out her cool interview here “How to Network while You Sleep” for busy successful women.

Thanks, DWC. We celebrate all you do for successful career women–single and otherwise!

on Motherhood on National Review Online

They say if you focus on negative things in your writing you’re either a pessimist, a realist or a journalist. Jennifer A. Marshall must be one of those. Her article called “Single on Mother’s Day” is a downer.

SWWAN is all about bringing the day closer when single women won’t be required or even inclined to feel depressed about being single on any holiday.

Starting with our new holiday!! Single Working Women’s Week – first annual is this year, July 29 to August 4, 2007.

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