Who are you here with?


Women are an increasing presence in business. At a big-event dinner at a members-only venue, she is pleased to meet a high-profile politician. But when he wants to get to know her better, he makes small talk by remarking that her table has more women than any other in the room. She demurs, he insists. Yes, he says, your table really does have more women than any other.

Okay, she says. And he replies, so, well, then, who ARE you here with?

She’s about 5’4″, thin, blonde and attractive–as the famous line goes, “Your basic nightmare.” But she’s not just what she looks like–she’s HER.

We’re still a long way from a time when the average man has it in his world purview that she is the member. That the folks at that table are her guests. That she is there with her friends and colleagues, rather than as an escort or decoration for a member-boyfriend or husband. That it’s her business that brings her here. And that even though she doesn’t mind in the least meeting handsome, successful men who are “into” strong, dynamic women, she’s here for her own reasons.

Happens every other day to successful SWWANs like Kirsten Osolind, founder of ReinventionInc.com. What’s your story of non-recognition? Email us about it.

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