Book review: My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem


Just finished reading My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem at 70-something. A beautiful testament to her life – from her difficult childhood with a loving but somewhat looney, itinerant father and her lost-soul mother, to her many, many years traveling around the world writing for major outlets and organizing people in pursuit of women’s equality and reproductive freedom.

Beautiful stories of people she met, some of whom she developed very close relationships with, from the amazing Native woman who brought self-reliance and independence back to so many Native tribes that had lost their way, to the cab drivers and poor people and famous people and powerful people – including the then-pope – whose lives intersected with hers in some way, she gives the facts and reflects on their meanings in simple, fluid prose.

Another woman who fights for women's equality

Another woman who fights for women’s equality

My favorite parts are the ones where she speaks gently of her longing for a home when she was little and speaks tenderly about so many of the people she’s met and/or worked with. She has a clear eye and an open heart, and her book lets you know her in a way you never could from reading many of the often-harsh news stories about her battle for feminism and her long struggles to help make Ms. Magazine a force for good.

The book is a reflection on how a single courageous soul can create profound change by listening to people.

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Talk to your team!!


If you’re not used to calling on others when you feel low or lonely, or when you’re stressed or overwhelmed, you’re not the only one. If you’re like a lot of us single working women, you don’t want to bother people. Don’t want to appear needy.

But there’s tons of proof that it’s better for both your immediate sitation and your long-term health to have yourself a team you can call on when the chips aren’t falling your way–and even when they are!

It takes practice to develop the habit of reaching out to those special people. Don’t assume your team knows you need them. Make a point of connecting regularly and always letting them know you appreciate their help.

This is a new practice for me–and I often forget to consult my team. Like yesterday when I got so busy preparing to have a special holiday dinner. Totally forgot to think about connecting with them instead of snacking through the busy-ness.

Well, It’ not new year’s eve but I can resolve today to start reaching out more. Thank God for cell phones that keep your contacts’ info.

What simple thing can you resolve to do today that will enrich your life–and strenthen your connectedness to life?