Single mothers the losers in pay race


So it’s Equal Pay Day in the U.S. Sad that we still have to have a holiday for this, but it’s a part of why we still also have to have a holiday called Single Working Women’s Week!

A New York Democrat on Congress’s Joint Economic Committee writes about the realities that women in the workplace face today. Perhaps one of the most telling statistics is the one that says women with children get paid an average of 2.5% less than women without children–and men with children get an average of 2.1% more than men without. While those percentages may seem small, the truth is every dollar counts when you’re a single mom, no matter how much you make.

It’s likely to take generations and perhaps a few small miracles to truly break down the unfair practices in pay. The “Paycheck Fairness Act” before Congress sounds like at least one more brick we can throw at the situation.

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