Single, smart , analytically minded women get the short stick – from everyone


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Can you believe it? Bloomberg News reports that single women who are analytical and smart are penalized in their careers – fewer promotions, etc. – more than any other type of worker, including single men and married women!

If you’re sharp-minded and not known for your people skills – as are so many men – you will be punished. And check out the paragraph about vacationing with friends versus with husband and kids! Just unbelievable. And, as they say, depressing.

Amazing – though maybe not – that smart single women are still such a threat to so many, male and female, in our society. The way some of the laws around reproductive rights and voting are changing makes me think the next thing you know, smart single women will start getting thrown into bodies of water to prove they’re actually witches.

Here’s the link. Read it and weep. 

How to use social media – for whatever you want


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I talked with Chris King, of, about her session at the SWWAN conference. I asked her what kind of people would benefit most from attending her class, “Using social media for marketing and profit.” Here’s what she said:

Chris: Anyone who wants to reach out to others will benefit by participating. You don’t have to be in business, but if you are, social media is a powerful tool for building your business and even increasing your profits.

Barbara: Okay, if I’m not in business, why else might I want to attend your class?

Chris: Your reason for reaching out might be a cause (poverty, breast cancer, and so on), a hobby (knitting, old films, cuckoo clocks), a passion (kids, green living, being single, etc.) or whatever. If you aren’t already an expert with social media, you’ll learn simple ways to use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find others who care about what you care about. It’s not like having to stand around at huge events praying you’ll find someone who has similar interests. It’s much easier.

Barbara: What if I feel like I don’t have time for all this twittering (tweeting?) and so on?

Chris: That’s the rub. We are all overwhelmed with responsibilities and tasks. But the question you have to ask is, how effective are all the things you’re doing to reach your goals and get your message out? Of course, like everything else that works, an effective social media takes time and effort in the beginning. It’s a case of understanding the power of these tools–and then realizing the value of replacing certain other activities with targeted, effective use of social media.

Barbara: Wow, that’s interesting to hear. I know sometimes I wonder if I’m just running in circles and not getting any closer to what I want to accomplish. In my case, as a self-employed older single woman, all my passions must contribute something to earning a living.

Chris: And that’s why it’s important to learn what these social media tools can REALLY do for you. And how to start building towards a money-making process over time.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to Chris’s class. Only 2 days left to get your earlybird price of $18. “Using social media for marketing and profit

P.S. Oh, yeah. Don’t miss out on the rest of the powerful topics at the “Secrets You Wish Your Mom Told You” SWWAN conference.

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