Single, smart , analytically minded women get the short stick – from everyone


Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Can you believe it? Bloomberg News reports that single women who are analytical and smart are penalized in their careers – fewer promotions, etc. – more than any other type of worker, including single men and married women!

If you’re sharp-minded and not known for your people skills – as are so many men – you will be punished. And check out the paragraph about vacationing with friends versus with husband and kids! Just unbelievable. And, as they say, depressing.

Amazing – though maybe not – that smart single women are still such a threat to so many, male and female, in our society. The way some of the laws around reproductive rights and voting are changing makes me think the next thing you know, smart single women will start getting thrown into bodies of water to prove they’re actually witches.

Here’s the link. Read it and weep. 

Single moms and city living


Found a great post by a single mom about raising your child in a big city. Interesting points. And while you’re there, check out some of her cool posts about Chicago, in case you’re interested in visiting or living there!

How are you going green?


Someone in a Chicago women’s help network asked this question today–what are you doing to go greener in your everyday life? I put together a quick list of some of the things I do. Love to hear your ideas, too.

  • I use Handi-Wipes instead of paper towels for most jobs (except for throw-away jobs like cleaning up really gooey stuff or broken glass). They last a long time and can be washed in the washing machine a number of times.
  • I turn off all lights, radios, etc. in a room when I leave it. I heard this can save as much as 10% on energy consumption.
  • I work from home so I’m in my house all day. During the days now, I’m keeping my house one degree less warm in winter and one degree less cool in summer. Heard this as a tip on a radio show.
  • I recycle glass, plastic and paper.
  • I reuse the plastic bags that line my wastebaskets–just pull out the papers and so on in each wastebasket and dispose of it all in one larger bag.
  • I reuse plastic grocery bags for garbage. They’re a lot easier to carry out when they’re full than giant ones.
  • I reuse the small plastic produce bags to wrap foods in for the refrigerator.
  • When I remember, I bring my recycled-cloth grocery bag into the store with me to cut down on the number of plastic bags they pack my groceries in.
  • I pool as many errands as possible into a single car trip.
  • Rather than buy disposables, I reuse commercial plastic containers for food storage.

I just saw a TV documentary about a master switch you can install that will turn off all those instant-on things like your TV, stereo, computers, etc. that keep draining energy even when off. It’s pretty complex and expensive to install, but it saves a ton of energy. Hopefully they’ll start building those into new homes and office buildings.

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s ideas!