Parenting problems single moms won't have


Wrote yesterday about the passion and love that a single woman who chooses to become a mother might bring to raising her child. Today, read a very interesting article by a psychotherapist who found herself troubled as her clients (well-to-do Hollywood parents) began to change–into people who wanted so much for their children that they stop asking anything of them. It’s a good read if you have 10 minutes. So the Torah Is a Parenting Guide? (I can just hear my former mother-in-law saying, Nu?)

Having been a single mother for quite a few years, I can guarantee you that few single moms will have the parenting problems described in this story. Single moms, unless they have a very active and helpful dad or other family members involved, are not likely to have the time and energy it takes to overprotect their kids. And as for not asking the kids to help around the house, that just ain’t gonna happen.

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